Washing your GI-BJJ Gi Care

For those who love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to have a good image is really important and as you know GI BJJ are the first element to start developing this sport correctly, now there are many ways that you can find to take of your Gi, but first let’s talk about the importance of Gi inside the BJJ, because we must say that for most of the people who practice this sport, Gi’s are more than just the clothes they use to train.

The Kimono o Gi is considered more an armor than an uniform, therefore the way it looks and the way it fits in the athlete’s body is really important, this is because is not only use for practicing and training, but also for important events like competitions or ceremonies to pass onto the next level, this is why a Brasilian Jiu Jitsu apprentice has to be well aware on the correct way to clean and maintain the appearance of its Gi.

Here we will show you step by step the correct way for washing your Gi whether is a Kimono Soiltechnique or another Gi brand, this is the correct way to do it, believe it or not, there is a process for every stage of washing and drying.

Steps to wash your Gi-BJJ

We will give to you every step that you need to know, in order to give the right Gi – BJJ care

  • Clean after training, first you need to know that is imperative that you wash your Gi right after training, this avoids the fabric to absorb odorous and germs.

  • Remove stains, before washing your Gi, you need to remove any stains that could be cause on that same day, never leave stains in the fabric, you need to clean them immediately after, if after washing, in the washer machine, there is still trace of the stain, you can submerge the GI in a bucket with vinegar overnight.

  • Don’t use bleach, even if your GI is white, because you can weaken the fabric and it will not be as resistant as before.

  • Remember, to turn your Gi inside out and wash it in cold water, this will avoid for the Gi to shrink.

Steps to dry your Gi-BJJ

After washing your Gi, is important that you know some tips that will help you with the drying process, in that way you will maintain a perfect Gi as long as possible.

  • Remove from washer machine immediately, after taking your GI out from the washer and hang it.

  • Never use the dryer machine, this can cause the fabric to shrink or to make it hard and difficult to handle.

  • Don’t dry your Gi outside, the direct contact with the sunlight can reduce the durability of your Gi’s fabric.

  • In case you need to dry your Gi faster, use a fan and never use and iron over the fabric, it you need to iron your Gi, turn it upside down, that way you will avoid touching patches and areas of the fabric that can be sensitive to the heat.

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