How to choose the size of bjj gi kimono?

How to choose the size of your bjj gi kimono?Many beginners will wonder how not to go wrong with the size when buying a bjj gi, since the problem is that if you want a kimono you usually have to buy it in an online store, with which you will not be able to try it until receive it at your home.

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Washing your GI-BJJ Gi Care

For those who love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to have a good image is really important and as you know GI BJJ are the first element to start developing this sport correctly, now there are many ways that you can find to take of your Gi, but first let’s talk about the importance of Gi inside the BJJ, because we must say that for most of the people who practice this sport, Gi’s are more than just the clothes they use to train.

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