How to choose the size of bjj gi kimono?

How to choose the size of your bjj gi kimono?

Many beginners will wonder how not to go wrong with the size when buying a bjj gi, since the problem is that if you want a kimono you usually have to buy it in an online store, with which you will not be able to try it until receive it at your home.

The big problem is that each manufacturer uses a different size, although little by little the sizes are being generalized so that there is not so much difference between one manufacturer and another.

We have to differentiate the sizes according to whether it is for men, women or children.

For men they are the following A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5. It must be remembered that in recent years some brands have produced intermediate sizes. These are for people who, for example, the A1 is small but the A2 is large, in this way they took the A1L or A1'5, this is extrapolated to all sizes up to A4.

For women they are the following F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5. In its day, the Tatami brand made intermediate sizes, but in this case they have been withdrawing it from the market since it caused confusion and it was more difficult to find the exact size.

For girls and boys the sizes are the following M000, M00, M0, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5.

In this case, there are no intermediate sizes, which if it was introduced in the market are sizes smaller than M0, due to the fact that more and more young children are practicing bjj.

To choose the correct size, you must first consult a table, this table is generic and can be used by almost all manufacturers, that one in particular is from the Atama brand.
A1 - 160 cm - 172 cm / 50 kg - 63 kg.
A2 - 170 cm - 182 cm / 64 kg - 80 kg.
A3 - 179 cm - 191cm / 81 kg - 95 kg.
A4 - 187 cm - 195 cm / 96 kg - 113 kg.

Here we can find one according to weight and height.

If we complicate it a little more, we can use the Tatami brand measurement table, you can find it on their website

In this table you can find your size, according to weight and height, indicate the recommended size.

The truth is that it is well studied, they are never wrong, it can also be used to guide you when choosing your size in another brand of kimono.

For women there is a specific size, but it must also be indicated that the men's size according to what weight and height can be perfectly worth a woman. That is, if a woman oscillates between 1.65 and 1.75, she will have to choose a men's size so that her kimono fits well, it will also depend on her weight, but her size would be between A0 and the A1.

Here we are going to leave a size guide according to weight and height, this is generic and can help a lot. This is the one Atama uses.
F1: 1.49 - 1.52 m in height and 38 - 45 kg in weight.
F2: 1.52 - 1.64 m in height and 45 - 54 kg in weight.
F3: 1.61 - 1.70 m in height and 52 - 65 kg in weight.
F4: 1.67 - 1.79 m in height and 63 - 77 kg in weight.
F5: 1.76 - 1.82 m in height and 77 - 90 kg in weight.

To have a slightly more advanced table we leave you the Tatami table. Much tighter according to weight and height and even taking into account intermediate sizes.

Things change for children.

We can directly choose their size according to what they measure, it is not necessary to know the weight.

The recommendations of the manufacturers is that you choose a size a little higher so that it lasts a little longer. Keep in mind that children grow very fast, if we buy it very tight it will last less than a year.

This Table indicates the height, up to that height you have to select the size indicated.

Of course, if this is not clear to you, you can always call the call center of your favorite store and ask for advice from a professional.

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