Atama was one of the pioneers in Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimonos to start making them. Royce Gracie wore an Atama BJJ kimono during his victory at UFC 1 on November 12, 1993, the day that most of the United States became interested in BJJ. Many photos of Grandmaster Helio taken during the 90s also show him sporting a white Atama jiu-jitsu gi.

Atama has been making high-quality BJJ kimonos in Brazil since 1989, and still produces them there to this day. They have sponsored many of the best athletes in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu, such as Kyra Gracie, Mackenzie Dern, Bruno Malfacine, and Tanquinho, to name a few. Atama offers BJJ lovers around the world cutting edge styles designed for comfort, performance and durability.

Atama is a word of Japanese origin that means head, mind and intelligence.

Since 1989, Atama has sought to satisfy the most demanding athletes and BJJ practitioners. Atama BJJ Kimonos are developed and produced by specialized professionals, using nothing but high quality materials, to provide comfort and durability to your BJJ training and / or competitions.

Atama offers the most complete line of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, clothing and accessories for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and MMA.

Thanks to the wide range of products and their quality, Atama is now a world-renowned company, with customers on five continents.

Atama Europe was created to provide all European BJJ practitioners with the best products with faster delivery and better prices.
Atama Europe operates from a warehouse in Portugal, staffed by BJJ practitioners.

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